"A Woman of Valor
is Robed in 
Strength & Dignity 
and faces 
whatever may come 
with Grace"
 ~ Proverbs: 31

 ". . . whoever saves a life, it is considered 

as if he saved 

an entire world."

                ~The Talmud

"The world is a dangerous place 

not because of those who do evil, 

but because of those who look on 

and do nothing."

~ Albert Einstein

Inspiring Holiday Gift!
Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich"
Published in 2018, "Women of Valor: Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich," is based on my research and 1st-hand interviews with Polish Jewish women who as young girls, actively--and successfully--defied the Nazis in German Occupied Poland. Living long, loving and productive lives well into their 90s, these "ordinary" women who overcame "extraordinary" challenges, provide inspiring testimony to the strength, resilience, love and courage of the female heart, body, and soul.

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Joanne and Polish Jewish Partisan Manya Feldman relax after their presentation at the Heritage of Southfield, Michigan in 2013. Manya lived in the brutal forest along with Soviet combat Partisans. She helped blow up Nazi trains, nursed the sick and wounded, and transported weapons. When discovered alone and sick by Nazis, she was able to fool them into thinking she was Polish, and they let her cook a meal for them--which they invited her to share! Manya, who, to our sadness, passed away in 2015, attributed her successful anti-Nazi Resistance to sheer "good luck." Those of us who have been blessed to know her know that Manya's survival--and subsequent life filled with love and achievement, was also due to her indomitable spirit and determination.
Joanne and PolishJewish Partisan Faye Schul-man after presentation for the Toronto Jewish Genealogy Society in 2013. Unlike the other 2,000 Jews who had lived in Lenin, Faye's life was spared by the Nazis when she convinced them that she was a photographer--even though she wasn't! Before she escaped to join the Partisans wilds of the forest, she was forced to photograph Nazi atrocities. Faye managed to steal cameras and equipment, which she kept with her to use during her time with the Partisans. Faye's       extraordinary photographs of the Soviet Combat Partisans comprise a world-traveling exhibit,"Portraits of Partisans," that is sponsored by the Jewish Partisan Education Foundation in San Francisco.

Joanne with Dutch-Gentile Underground member,
 Diet Eman, 
at her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan 2013

                        More info on Diet coming soon!

Joanne with French Jewish Resistance member,
Frida Wattenberg, 
in Paris, 2015

                               More info on Frida coming soon!

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